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Top Environmental Benefits of Paper Bags

Paper bags have been part of trade and commerce for more than centuries. Traditionally cloth and jute bags were used to pack goods in larger quantities during its transfer from manufacturer or farms to retailers and shopkeepers then used the paper bags to distribute smaller quantity goods to end customers. In fact, paper bags are still used by small food retailers like – sweetshop owners, street food vendors, bakers and by small vegetable sellers.

On the other hand, a paper bag’s structural firmness and surface feature made it ideal to print high-quality images, logo, designs better as compared to a plastic bag, and that made paper bags a hit for fashion, luxury and premium gift packaging industry.

However, the contribution of a paper bag in business and commerce gradually remained restricted due to the industrialization and betterment of plastic packaging options that had higher endurance, strength, and capability to protect products, especially food item from the external environment –increasing the product’s shelf life. In fact, plastic ruled the global packaging industry for the last 5 to 6 decades. During these times, the world witnessed the ill effects of non-biodegradable waste of plastic packaging on the global environment. Plastic bottles and food packages congested the oceans to maintains, marine and land animal spices started to die with plastic deposits in their digestive systems, land fertility degraded due to plastic deposits in the soil.

Till 90’s these problems were spoken and written primarily in the circle of newspapers, scientific studies and in world summits. Then in the past few years, the effects of pollution started to hit the city people and day to day life of the common man. People now are falling sick due to polluted air, normal people (especially in Indian metropolitan cities) are now appreciating organizations, government bodies and individuals who are taking environmental responsibility steps.

In such a scenario adopting paper bags adds to brand appreciation. Either due to government ban or proactive steps to win customer appreciation, organizations gradually adopting biodegradable packaging solutions and using paper bags.

Nowadays the paper bag is a new trend. One can witness people carrying paper bags from almost from every place. People carry them to schools, offices and retail stores. Thus, it is very important to go for a creative solution as well. So that it can benefit both the business and most importantly the environment.

This trend has gained popularity owing to the people and businesses becoming more aware of the ecological surroundings. Also, several individuals want to use paper bags because they are easy to carry, clean and can hold items for a good duration of time.

You surely know how to wrap a gift, but sometimes, using a gift bag is just better. Maybe the gift is oddly shaped, or maybe you want to include multiple items in one present. Maybe you're just tired of wrapping paper. Whatever the reason, there's no shame in using a gift bag—but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a basic store-bought gift bag. These gift bag ideas prove that even the plainest paper bag can become something beautiful, and as an added bonus, making DIY gift bags are a fun, practical addition to the list of Christmas crafts you have planned to fill the open hours of this holiday season.

Picking Christmas gifts for everyone on your list is its own challenge, but any savvy gift-giver knows that presentation is a huge part of the total gifting package. Putting time and effort into wrapping or bagging your gifts makes the gift exchange even more of an experience, and using bags instead of gift wrap is one way to help your presents stand out. (Unlike wrapping paper, gift bags are also reusable year after year if they're taken care of, so your DIY gift bags can be a sustainability effort, too.)

Whether you're planning white elephant gifts or figuring out how to differentiate the gifts for your kids, creative gift bag ideas can help. Here, you'll see smart ideas for dressing up basic paper gift bags, plus DIY guides with the supplies and steps you need to make your bags shine. Read on for eight creative gift bag ideas—even if you haven't finished your holiday shopping, you can get your gift bags ready to go.

Corrugated boxes are a recyclable, recyclable green packaging product that is an essential tool for packaging. Corrugated boxes are used as transport packaging products, which play a very important role in the protective properties of the packaged goods. Corrugated boxes in the flow application, impact, vibration, static pressure, dynamic pressure, climatic conditions, etc., have become an important factor in the damage to the carton, so the physical properties of corrugated boxes determine whether the package can be intact the arrival of the land in the hands of consumers has become a major factor affecting the consumer experience. One of the most fundamental items in testing the physical properties of corrugated boxes is compressive strength, which is an important indicator for measuring the compressive strength of corrugated boxes. In this paper, several factors such as environmental humidity, structural size and structure are selected for research. Corrugated boxes with different humidity, different sizes and different structures were studied, and their compressive strength was gained, and the variation law was studied. By comparing the effects, the environmental humidity of the corrugated box and the influence of the structural size on the compressive properties are gained, and a more effective finite element model is gained. The results of this study have important guiding significance for the structural design of corrugated boxes in different geographical environments.

How to Choose a Jewelry Box

When most people think about jewelry boxes, they are thinking about something lovely and delicate that is perfectly suited to their bedroom décor. However, if you choose a jewelry box based solely on looks, this could mean that your precious items will get terribly tangled and even damaged.

Choose Wood

There are some gorgeous enamel and metal jewelry boxes out there, but when you want something that will keep your items safe and sound, consider wood.

Well-treated wood prevents moisture buildup, and it also provides a small amount of insulation for your jewelry.

In addition, wood has a lovely natural finish that provides deep and rich color all on its own.

Choose a lovely red oak, a pale poplar or pine or even a gorgeously decadent ebony jewelry box for your collection.

Consider Your Jewelry Collection

How many pieces of jewelry do you own? This is a great time to look at your jewelry and take quick inventory.

How many necklaces, rings and bracelets do you have, and how should they be stored? For example, if you mostly own rings, you will find that you should choose a jewelry box that has slots where you can put them.

If you mostly have small bracelets, consider a jewelry box that has lots of room in its drawers.

If you have more necklaces than anything else, you may need a type of jewelry box known as an armoire, which has an upright design and plenty of places to hang necklaces.

Touch the Lining of the Box

If you are buying a jewelry box from a brick-and-mortar store, you will be able to handle it beforehand.

Open the box and touch the lining. It should be completely lint-free and soft to the touch. An abrasive lining will scratch your jewelry, making it look old before its time.

If the jewelry box’s lining feels harsh to the touch, pass it by.

On the other hand, if you are in love with everything but the lining, you can choose to store your more delicate gemstones, such as pearls and opals, in jewelry bags before putting them into the box.

To Lock or Not to Lock?

If you are truly concerned about the safety of your jewelry, you should place the box in a temperature-controlled safe in your home, in a locked room, or in a safe deposit box at the bank.

In the event of a home invasion, a jewelry box can be easily picked up and removed from the premises. However, if your primary concern is young children, a simple lock on the box is typically all you need.

There are excellent jewelry boxes with childproof locks, which can keep your jewelry safe from meddling hands.

Box Design

Make sure that the jewelry box you choose matches your home design and décor.

For example, if you favor a very traditional Victorian design, choose a box with plenty of gorgeous details and scrolling decorations.

If you prefer something that is a great deal more modern, choose a very sleek box that is on the plainer side.

If you are someone who adores their jewelry, make sure that you have a fantastic place to keep it. A good jewelry box will make sure that your jewelry is safe for a lifetime.

What are Cosmetic Boxes?

Most of the time, we are not aware of the importance of the custom cosmetic packaging. But we know that it is important for us to choose a good and strong packaging to present our cosmetic products. After all, this is one of the first things the consumer will see when they come in contact with our cosmetic boxes.

Good Cosmetic Boxes, Packaging can be one of your most effective marketing tools and help you stand out from your competitors. More importantly, it can also be used to communicate your brand’s values, message and style. What are some ways to package your custom beauty boxes? Cosmetic packaging is the use of cardboard material to paper-wrap and/or box and contain various cosmetics (solid, fluid and semi-solid), makeup products. Such cosmetic products include: face creams, lipstick, hair colorants, tanning lotions, nail varnish’s or perfumes.

Cosmetic packaging is especially designed and developed to protect cosmetics from physical, chemical, biological and atmospheric factors. The cardboard structure encases the product in a way that it will not be exposed to its surroundings. UV inhibitors within the cardboard can also help prevent discoloration or degradation of contents. Not only does the paper-based exterior case provide support for fragile glass containers but it acts as protection against bumps and other external damages that could damage the content while still in transit. For example: for hair dyes, hair mascara & hair styling items — cardboard cosmetic packaging reduces color bleed and prevents harmful ingredients from coming into contact with user’s skin or scalp (to reduce risk of allergic reaction).

Make Your Own Customized Cosmetic Boxes!

Many people have the same problem: they can’t find the perfect cosmetic box packaging that matches their sense of style and expresses their personality. That’s where this website comes in. Here, at Blue Box Packaging you can print your own customized boxes to match your needs. Print custom-made boxes with your favorite designs and patterns, or customize them with your monogram or initials for a personalized touch.

Importance of Packaging for Your Cosmetic Product

Makeup is one of the most important beauty staples. It helps us feel beautiful and confident. We use it to highlight our best features and to hide less flattering ones. However, when we store our makeup in old shoe boxes or cluttered closets, it becomes impossible to find what we need. The result? A very frustrated and ugly you.

Thankfully, there are now custom made personalized cosmetic boxes that can help solve this problem. These organizers come in a variety of styles and sizes so it’s sure to work for your needs.
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